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There are almost two generation who do not know of the awesome feat demonstrated by Black men in America.  The event is called the Million Man March.  America’s social media, educational institutions and other public channels of communications have censored and removed one of the most divine events from our history books. 

I recall walking with a one of the most prolific rhythm and blues producers of the 60s, 70s and 80s from Philadelphia.  He said the following to me, “Brother the thing I should have done was controlled distribution.”  I never forgot those words. While scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, I saw some of the Believers in the Nation of Islam post online their upcoming events regarding the 27th Anniversary of the Million Man March.  This was so cool.  One thing stuck out to me.  There was no one place of reference online. My associate’s words begin rang in my mind. 

 About a year or two ago, we purchased the domain name, The Million Man March -com.  There have been attempts to replicate the event in 1995.  But humbly they fell short.  I desire only one thing. That our story and the legacy of the Million Man March live on. I recall getting vividly getting on the bus.  The Delaware Valley brought the largest delegation.  What I remember the most during the foot – soldier work of spreading the message and the day of the event was, the Brotherhood.  At this very moment, from our Supreme Captain Mustapha Farrakhan down to the Student Ministers to the humble Brothers, they have impacted my growth.  Our beloved Minister Farrakhan, through his demonstration is showing me how to love deeper, dig in, and help contribute to getting us to the other side.

 Please share your memories of the Million Man March on our Twitter page.  May we strive to live up to the promises we made that day..


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