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I joined the Nation of Islam spring of 1995.  I was not familiar with the postulation given by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for the Million Man March.  I was 21 years of age and desired to honor a promise I had given two years earlier to join.

Like many from urban centers, I was “slinging” (selling) marijuana to eat and pay for household expenses.  One day while walking by a mosque being constructed in 1993, I asked a man, affectionately called Bro. X, “What are you building here?”  He said strongly but with a warm smile, “Brother, we a building something to help Black people.”  My immediate reply was, “Sir ngg** are going to tare this place up.”  Little did I know, this house of worship and its instructors, had a divine message and education that will civilize and uplift the Black man and woman in America and around the world.

If you see them you would run way

The late 80s and 1990s had a couple of great explosions, notably on the positive side, conscious hiphop.  Coupled with it was crack cocaine, the industrial prison complex, media and record labels control of conscious rap, and the expansion of the war on the Black family. (note all these traits exist 27 years later)

I recall watching movies like New Jack City, Boys In the Hood and Menace II Society, and thinking to myself, this is not giving us, the Black community a good look.  A divine leader, would speak to this on why he called for the Million Man March.

Why the Millon Man March

The following videos and links describes in detail  the horrible plight of the majority of Black Americans in the 1990s and sets forth the reasons why the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan needed to shoot the flare for Atonement and Reconciliation by and from the Black man to himself, his women and children.

Reasonable Doubt possibly, but observing Christ giving life, certainly yes.

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