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The roadmap

As part of the October 16, 1995 Million Man March and its themes of Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility the Eight Steps in the Atonement process were presented to promote peace and settle differences.

  1. Someone must point out the wrong
  2. Acknowledgement of wrong
  3. Confess the fault; first to Allah (God), then to those offended
  4. Repentance; a feeling of remorse or contrition or shame for the past conduct which was wrong and sinful
  5. Atonement; meaning to make amends and reparations for the wrong
  6. Forgiveness by the offended party; to cease to feel offense and resentment against another for the harm done
  7. Reconciliation and restoration; meaning to become friendly and peaceable again
  8. Perfect union with Allah (God) and with each other
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